Frequently Asked Questions


What kind of quilt patterns should we use?

Any pattern, any size – whatever works best for your group. We recommend keeping it simple. The beauty of the gift is in the prayers, not in the quilt itself. Just be sure you use new, quality materials that have been washed, and that your quilts will withstand normal use and laundering.

We are a Chapter Member. How do we renew our membership?

There is no need to renew after you have officially joined Prayers & Squares. You will remain on our active chapter list unless you contact us to be removed.


We can’t make a quilt in time to fill a request. What should we do?

Consider making a “Prayer Square” instead. These are small (8” to 16”) one-block quilts. They can be made quickly and used for situations where a larger prayer quilt does not work. Knots and prayers can be made by chapter members, or by the recipient’s family, friends, or caregivers (for example).

Can a single chapter be comprised of more than one church or organization?

Definitely, as long as together you work out how the prayer quilts will be presented for tying, and as long as the focus is the prayers. We have chapters that are comprised of more than one congregation, and we have chapters that are non-church groups. 

How can I request a Prayer Quilt?

Unfortunately, we are unable to fulfill requests from individuals seeking prayer quilts. Quilts come from Prayers & Squares chapter members. However, you don't need to sew to make your own prayer quilt. You can use a purchased quilt, blanket or a piece of soft fleece in any size. Gather a group of friends and family and fill your prayer quilt with the collective power of their prayers for the person in need.

It’s not about the quilt; it’s all about the prayers
— Prayers & Squares Motto